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Vita Coco Teams Up with The Big Ten Conference, Big Ten Network

Posted on 3/17/2022
Vita Coco Teams Up with The Big Ten Conference, Big Ten Network

NEW YORK, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-- Leading coconut water brand Vita Coco is teaming up with The Big Ten Network to bring the power of clean hydration to Big Ten Conference fans as the brand expands to reach the audience for college athletics and its surrounding communities.

The sponsorship marks Vita Coco’s first collegiate sports partnership and bolsters Vita Coco’s marketing efforts into the Midwest. Vita Coco will be featured at select upcoming Big Ten Conference events throughout the 2022-2024 seasons, including the Big Ten Football Championship Game, Big Ten Men and Women’s Basketball Tournaments and more.

With natural attributes and high levels of potassium known to reduce cramping, Vita Coco is championed as a nutrient-rich beverage. Acclaimed as a brand for the workout occasion, Vita Coco is ideal for Big Ten Conference fans with active, on-the-go lifestyles.

“We’re excited to offer feel-good fuel to consumers in new markets who are exploring and expecting new functional beverage options,” said Jane Prior, Chief Marketing Officer at The Vita Coco Company. “The demand for better-for-you beverages continues to sweep the nation, with no exception in the world of collegiate sports. We’re proud to make Vita Coco more accessible to passionate fans in the Midwest, giving them the boost that they need to cheer on their teams to a Big Ten Championship.”

The partnership will showcase Vita Coco in signage at select games and tournaments, including on broadcast video boards, scoreboards, courtside and more.

??“As a network and conference, we are thrilled to welcome Vita Coco into collegiate sports,” said Jack Brown, Vice President of Ad Sales at Big Ten Network. “It’s only fitting that we have the opportunity to introduce Big Ten fans and alumni to Vita Coco during the Big Ten Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments, as they will surely need it to keep up with the championship-level basketball over the next two weeks.”

To learn more about Vita Coco, visit vitacoco.com and connect on TwitterInstagram and TikTok.

Vita Coco is the leading coconut water beverage brand, celebrated for bringing the benefits of coconuts to the world. Championed by informed consumers, health and wellness experts, pro-athletes and celebrities for its nutrient-rich hydration, Vita Coco’s portfolio now includes sparkling coconut water, coconut mlk and coconut oil. For more information please visit vitacoco.com.

The Vita Coco Company was co-founded in 2004 by co-CEO Michael Kirban and Ira Liran. Pioneers in the functional beverage category, The Vita Coco Company’s brands include the leading coconut water, Vita Coco; clean energy drink Runa; sustainable enhanced water, Ever & Ever; and protein-infused water, PWR LIFT. With its ability to harness the power of people and plants, and balance purpose and profit, The Vita Coco Company has created a modern beverage platform built for current and future generations.

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