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Vandemoortele USA Welcomes New USA Marketing Manager

Posted on 1/16/2024

NEW YORK, NY (Jan. 10, 2024) — Family-owned European bakery leader Vandemoortele welcomes Christine Hoguet as USA Marketing Manager. After graduating from Boston College with her Master of Business Administration, Hoguet has spent her career in a variety of food service positions. Her experience includes Associate Brand Manager for Stonyfield Farm and, most recently, CPG Marketing Manager at Panera Bread. Now, Hoguet is eager to work with the Vandemoortele USA team on bringing European baked goods to retailers across America. “Vandemoortele provides an inspiring opportunity to leverage what I know while learning from an intelligent team eager to provide for retailers and consumers,” Hoguet said. “I look forward to all that is to come in this new position.” As USA Marketing Manager, Hoguet will assist the Vandemoortele USA team in strategically marketing to North American retailers in order to obtain additional opportunities for growth within the segment, specifically leveraging the company’s flagship brand, Banquet d’Or® and its proprietary freezer-to-oven patented Bake’Up® technology. “Christine is a wonderful addition to the team,” said Raoul Dexters, country commercial manager, Vandemoortele USA. “Her excitement for Vandemoortele is invaluable and we look forward to seeing the insight and expertise she will provide to the team.” About Vandemoortele: Vandemoortele, the parent company of Banquet d’Or®, is a family-owned, leading European food group that produces and sells high quality food products with a focus on sustainability from ingredient sourcing to product packaging and shipment. Founded in Izegem, Belgium in 1899, Vandemoortele concentrates on two categories: Bakery Products and Margarines, Culinary Oils, and Fats. The Vandemoortele group has a presence in 12 European countries and in the United States, with an office in New York, New York. The head Vandemoortele office is located in Ghent, Belgium. Learn more here, and connect with Vandemoortele USA on LinkedIn for the latest updates. About Banquet d’Or: Founded in Belgium in 1983 by the well-established Vandemoortele food group, Banquet d’Or® has entered the United States market offering classic French bakery items made with high quality French ingredients— real butter and cage free eggs—without requiring expert-level baking skills to achieve fresh, expert-level results. Designed to make the baker’s life easier, Banquet d’Or® products eliminate the hard labor and typical early morning start through an easy and convenient process that allows for a broad assortment of high quality, freshly baked pastries all day long. That process is Vandemoortele’s unique patented technology—Bake’Up®—that allows for authentic French croissants and pastry products to go from frozen to freshly baked in 25 minutes. To learn more about other Banquet d'Or products or to contact our dedicated sales team, visit banquetdor.us.

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