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Two’s Company Announces Strategic Partnership for US Representation of TÉ TONIC

Posted on 1/9/2020
Two’s Company Announces Strategic Partnership for US Representation of TÉ TONIC

The modern cocktail scene is bursting at the seams. In a social gathering with friends a few years ago, the co-founder of Te Tonic, Toni Ruono, recognized how much fun people were having missing all different types of drinks.  It was becoming quite fashionable to garnish cocktails with all types of spices and fruits.  The founders of Te Tonic wanted to help people from all over the world create really interesting drinks like a professional bar chef at home.

With a background in design, marketing and some manufacturing the founders decided to create Te Tonic.  They recruited Javier Martinez, a well-known mixologist to be their chemist. Javier helped to develop formulations and recipes to pair with the most important gin brands on the market: floral, fruity, spicy, vegetal, citric and many more.   Then they focused on how at home people could easily infuse ingredients into liquor, and how to do this while leaving the drink free from seeds and hard elements of the ingredients.  After many months of research and experimentation they developed an innovative and unique way to use a sachet, like a tea bag, to place in the drink.  By placing their signature sachet with the alcohol in a glass, they figured out how best to infuse the drink with wonderful flavors.  Their success story begins there.  

Te Tonic began with 6 recipes to create subtle and interesting mixology experiences with a Gin & Tonic. The recipes were created by utilizing local products from the Alicante region on the Mediterranean coast, an area rich in agriculture products.  Ingredients such as orange, lemon, chamomile, lemon verbena and other Mediterranean fruits make the perfect match.  Te Tonic quickly became the go to source for how to make drinking a Gin & Tonic an entirely new experience. 

They were fortunate from the beginning.  One of the first customers was El Corte Inglés, a major Department store in Spain.  From then on the brand has exploded throughout Europe where they continue to expand to a loyal customer interested in mixology.  Now, a few years after its inception Té Tonic products are sold in more than 15 countries around the world.

Te Tonic has now partnered with Two's Company, to distribute their brand to retailers from gourmet food, liquor gift and home stores throughout the country.  

About Two’s Company:

Two’s Company is dedicated to innovation and trendsetting in the giftware industry and prides itself in providing the Global Market with high style fashion, gift and home products at moderate prices. Two’s has evolved over the years into a powerhouse brand in multiple categories and a dynamic sales organization that serves as advocates for our retail partners. Today, Two’s Company has four divisions: the signature Two’s Company Gift and Home décor line, the couture Tozai Home collection of decorative accessories, the whimsical Cupcakes & Cartwheels, and 2 Chic a fashion accessories line. For more information, call 1-800-896-7266 or email us at info@twoscompany.com or visit the website at www.twoscompany.com

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