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Toronto Market Week Bringing Three Shows Under One Roof

Posted on 9/22/2022
Toronto Market Week Bringing Three Shows Under One Roof

TORONTO, ON (September 14, 2022)– Buyers and retailers will be able to source products in fashion, gift, home decor and home goods under one roof in early 2023, when Toronto Market Week comes to The International Centre in Mississauga, Ont. 

The event – created through a partnership with Newcom Media and SHOW T.O. – will feature the latest offerings from leading brands, wholesalers and distributors, in a vibrant showcase that combines permanent showrooms and temporaries alike.

Toronto Market Week opens with home decor and giftware featured in SHOW T.O. Permanent Showrooms, from January 26 to February 2. The Gift & Design Wholesale Market will host

gift, home, and lifestyle booths from January 28 to 31, produced by Newcom. The MODE Show completes the showcase from January 29 to 31, with booths dedicated to the latest in fashion, accessories, and jewelry.

“This collaboration between permanent showrooms and temporary booths is what ignites Toronto Market Week and provides retailers with a complete purchasing experience,” says Tiffany Gin, show manager with Newcom Media. “Toronto Market Week creates the destination that caters to the future, retail buyers will be able to source products across multiple categories – from existing vendors and new suppliers.”

"Following our first very successful SHOW T.O. Summer Market, buyers' energy, enthusiasm, and sense of awe affirmed that buyers are back. With MODE x SHOW T.O., there is no better way to serve retailers than with inspiring permanent showrooms and the essential temporary booths that create a one-stop-shop for all the categories buyers are looking for - from lifestyle and novelty to home, wellness to fashion and artisanal foods,” said David Youngson of David Youngson & Associates, which features one of the permanent showrooms.

“Many retail stores now carry home decor, personal accessories, gift, wellness, and other products within the same locations,” added Jody Abbott of Abbott, which features one of the permanent showrooms. “Toronto Market Week reflects this evolving trend, delivering an enhanced buying experience and lets buyers stock up their stores in a single stop.”

For more information on Toronto Market Week, and to secure a spot to showcase your products, contact:

Tiffany Gin, Show Manager at tomarketweek@newcom.ca

Learn more at torontomarketweek.ca

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