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NightFood (NGTF) Acquires HalfBaked.com for Cannabis-Related Snack and Edibles Lines

Posted on 2/28/2018
NightFood (NGTF) Acquires HalfBaked.com for Cannabis-Related Snack and Edibles Lines

TARRYTOWN, NY, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Snack brand development company NightFood Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NGTF) announced today that MJ Munchies, an NGTF wholly owned subsidiary, has completed acquisition of HalfBaked.com

The Company intends to use the HalfBaked.com domain for online sales and marketing of its marijuana-related snack and edible lines, to be marketed under the trademarked brand name, Half-Baked. 

It was recently announced that the Company had completed its application with the United States Patent and Trademark office for the brand name “Half-Baked” through their corporate intellectual property law firm, Pinnacle IP Strategies. 

“Acquisition of HalfBaked.com further strengthens what we believe is already an extremely powerful brand and trademark for the space we’re entering,” stated CEO Sean Folkson.  “Looking forward over the next few months and years, we’re very excited about our positioning as it relates to snacks and edibles.” 

Half-Baked snack products are currently in development, under the guidance and oversight of NGTF’s Peter Leighton.  Leighton is an accomplished veteran with 30 years’ experience in consumer products, nutrition, and functional foods.  Over the last two decades, Leighton has led innovation and product strategies for brands such as Natrol, Weider Nutrition, Cascadian Farm, Tiger’s Milk, and National Beverage Corp. 

The Company plans to distribute Half-Baked branded snacks both online and in dispensaries throughout the country.  The Company is excited about the products in development, and believes the line will be unique in the industry. 

An investor conference call is being coordinated for the week of February 26, 2018.  An announcement will be made prior to the call so investors can have all the details necessary to attend the call and submit questions for management. 

About NightFood:

NightFood (OTC: NGTF), operates both NightFood, Inc. and MJ Munchies, Inc. 

NightFood, Inc, “The Nighttime Snack Company”, is a snack food company dedicated to providing consumers delicious, better-for-you, sleep-friendly choices for evening snacking.  According to IRI Worldwide, 44% of snack consumption occurs at night, representing a consumer spend of over $1B weekly on nighttime snacks.   

Market research giant Mintel recently released a report identifying nighttime specific food and beverages as one of their most “compelling and category changing” trends for 2017 and beyond. 

Currently, consumer’s most popular choices are cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.  These options are generally understood to be unhealthy, and often contain ingredients and nutritional profiles that can impair sleep quality.  NightFood creates, manufactures, and distributes snacks formulated to help consumers satisfy nighttime cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep friendly way.   

MJ Munchies, Inc. was recently formed as a new, wholly owned subsidiary, to exploit legally compliant opportunities in the CBD and marijuana edibles and related spaces.  The Company intends to market some of these new products under the brand name “Half-Baked”. As the legal landscape around CBD and cannabis related products continues to change and evolve, MJ Munchies will continue to explore, identify, and capitalize on opportunities clearly defined as legal.  The Company believes tremendous opportunities currently exist to launch successful and compliant products in this space, and that such opportunities will continue to grow over time. 

For more information, visit http://ir.nightfood.com and www.nightfood.com

Questions can be directed to investors@nightfood.com 

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