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Mindful Awards Honors World's Most Conscious Companies and Products For Sustainability, Transparency, and Social Responsibility In 2022

Posted on 6/8/2022
Mindful Awards Honors World's Most Conscious Companies and Products For Sustainability, Transparency, and Social Responsibility In 2022

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/-- The 2022 Mindful Awards Program, an independent recognition platform highlighting conscious companies and products that mindfully make waves in the ever-expanding world of consumer-packaged goods, today announced the winners of the fourth annual awards program. This year's program attracted more than 1650 nominations from companies all over the world in the categories: Beverages, Snacks, Food and Supplements. The winners were selected by an independent panel of industry experts within the consumer-packaged goods industry.

"Consumers are increasingly prioritizing the eco-profile of a product in their purchase decisions. As brands focus on the environment and sustainable lifestyles, we are seeing a movement to reward these 'brands with a purpose' as they seek to help create a better world environmentally, economically and from a humanitarian perspective," said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Mindful Awards. "This year's winners are comprised of conscious companies that combine passion, creativity and hard work as they commit to take action in a positive direction for people and planet. We're thrilled to include them in this years' program."

The mission of the Mindful Awards program is to honor conscious companies and products that do what's right for people and the planet. This year's winners represent the best in world-wide transparent, fair, natural, organic, sustainable, healthy and delicious products. The winning products and companies were selected based on a variety of mindful criteria, ranging from brand principles, environmental impact, health, taste and transparency.

The 2022 Mindful Award winners include:

Mindful CEO of the Year: Annie Ryu, jack & annie's 
Mindful Innovation of the Year: Karviva 
Mindful Startup of the Year: KEHO 
Mindful Solution of the Year: NotCo 
Mindful Marketplace of the Year: Hive

Coffee, Cold Brew Product of the Year: RISE Brewing Co. 
Creamer Product of the Year: Califia Farms 
Energy Product of the Year: OCA 
Milk Product of the Year: Hart Dairy 
Overall Beverage Product of the Year: wildwonder

Chocolate Product of the Year: GoodSam 
Bar Product of the Year: Zing bars 
Cookies Product of the Year: Simple Mills 
Crackers Product of the Year: Onesto Foods 
Dried Fruit Product of the Year: RIND Snacks 
Ice Cream, Non Dairy Product of the Year: Eclipse Foods 
Jerky Product of the Year: Country Archer 
Nuts Product of the Year: SkinnyDipped 
Popcorn Product of the Year: Pop Art Snacks

Breakfast Product of the Year: MUSH 
Butter Product of the Year: Vital Farms 
Cereal Product of the Year: Catalina Crunch 
Granola Product of the Year: Bear Naked 
Gluten Free Pasta Product of the Year: Chickapea 
Nut Butter Product of the Year: Justin's 
Pasta Product of the Year: Tolerant 
Ready to Eat Product of the Year: Volpi Foods 
Salad Dressing Product of the Year: Organicville 
Overall Food Product of the Year: CHKN Not Chicken 
Overall Food Innovation of the Year: Lettuce Grow

CBD Product of the Year: Vital Leaf 
Mushroom Powder Product of the Year: FreshCap Mushrooms 
Pre-Workout Product of the Year: ZOA Energy 
Protein Product of the Year: AGN Roots 
Stress Support Product of the Year: JOYÀ

For the full list of winners please visit our website: https://mindfulawards.com/

About Mindful Awards 
The Mindful Awards organization is devoted to honoring mindful companies in the consumer-packaged goods industry that are setting the foundation for our future. The Mindful Awards are devoted to providing a forum for public recognition around the achievements in categories Food, Beverage and Snacks, Supplements, and Leadership. Mindful Awards goal is to further expand recognition of mindful companies. For more information visit MindfulAwards.com.

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