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Mantis Introduces Small Batch BBQ Sauces with Big Goal to Raise $10 Million for The Kidney Project

Posted on 1/10/2023
Mantis Introduces Small Batch BBQ Sauces with Big Goal to Raise $10 Million for The Kidney Project

(Scarsdale, NY) January 09, 2023 – Mantis BBQ introduces a new line of BBQ sauces to support The Kidney Project. Three varieties, Mantis Original, A Whisper of Chile (pepper), and a Haunt of Ghost (pepper) will be showcased at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, January 15-17, 2023.

After 20 years of perfecting family recipes plus professional R&D and CPG experience, Mantis BBQ co-founder Andy Mantis is bringing the cause-driven, flavorful product line to retailers, foodservice operations and BBQ enthusiasts. 

During his son’s battle with kidney disease Mantis searched for a transplant and solutions to help his son. Through research Andy learned that even when transplants are considered successful, they are not permanent. Yet, a permanent solution exists through the development of an artificial kidney, an effort put forth by The Kidney Project. Having outgrown conventional grant funding, $10 million is needed to progress toward clinical trials of the artificial kidney. The Kidney Project aims to provide relief from the stress and uncertainty of waiting for a transplant — enabling patients to lead a more flexible lifestyle, without dialysis.

“In anguish with my son’s kidney disease, I knew I wanted to support others going through the same ordeal. There is an opportunity to help millions of people facing kidney failure,” said Andy Mantis, co-founder of Mantis BBQ.

The Kidney Project, a national research and development initiative, is led by Shuvo Roy, PhD, a professor of bioengineering at the University of California, San Francisco where development of this artificial life changer is underway.

Shuvo Roy, PhD, bioengineer and technical director of The Kidney Project said, “Working with Andy and the team at Mantis BBQ provides a welcome boost in raising the $10 million we need to progress toward clinical trials of the artificial kidney.”

Ten percent of all Mantis BBQ sales will benefit The Kidney Project in support of artificial kidney development. Mantis BBQ sauces are created to enhance foods versus overpowering flavors. Delicious with anything cooked on the grill, smoker and more, the sauces can also be used in dips, bloody marys and as marinades. The line of bottled BBQ sauces includes:

Mantis Original (12oz) – Unites a savory but balanced sauce with a brightness that wakes up your taste buds for this unmistakable Mantis BBQ flavor profile

A Whisper of Chile (pepper) (12oz) – Adds Korean Chili paste and chili flakes for a sweet and slightly spicy taste experience accentuated with added smoke and spice

A Haunt of Ghost (pepper) (12oz) – Uses a special blend of peppers amping up the zestful charm of the original to appeal to BBQ consumers looking for a little heat

For more information, please visit: https://mantisbbq.com/


About Mantis BBQ

Mantis BBQ, is a family-operated business with two decades of R&D experience, specializes in producing small-batch BBQ sauces. In 2019, family member and Co-founder of Mantis BBQ, Spencer Mantis, successfully underwent a kidney transplant while still in his 20’s. While Spencer was very fortunate to have a live donor, many wait years for a kidney. That is why the company set a mission to support artificial kidney development and donate 10% of all Mantis BBQ sales to The Kidney Project. Learn more at https://mantisbbq.com/the-kidney-projectSubscribe to the Mantis BBQ You Tube Channel for recipes and tips.


Andy Mantis  


About The Kidney Project

The Kidney Project is a national research project with a goal to create a small, surgically implanted, and free-standing bioartificial kidney to treat kidney failure, which would effectively end the need for dialysis, eliminate the transplant waiting list, and many post-transplant medications. The bioartificial kidney is expected to save national health care dollars and result in improved quality and length of life for hundreds of thousands of patients facing kidney failure. To donate directly visit: makeagift.ucsf.edu


Shuvo Roy, PhD



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