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HESTAN® Introduces Exclusive “Cookware Concierge” Service

Posted on 1/9/2020
HESTAN® Introduces Exclusive “Cookware Concierge” Service

NAPA VALLEY (December 2019) – Aiming to bring back a high level of personalized, customer service to cookware shopping that has all but disappeared in today’s changed retail landscape, Hestan introduces its exclusive “Cookware Concierge” feature on its newly launched web site, www.HestanCulinary.com.

By simply clicking the “Cookware Concierge” button on the site, consumers can set up an appointment to speak to a live cookware specialist at a convenient time from the comfort of their own home.

As the name implies, “Cookware Concierge” provides consumers who are interested in learning more about Hestan with valuable one-on-one assistance from one of the brand’s highly knowledgeable experts. “Cookware Concierge” takes away all the barriers of shopping for ultra-premium and premium clad collections offered by Hestan, which include newly launched CopperBond, ProBond, and the original NanoBond collections. “By elevating customer service to this level of customized care, we’re giving consumers the knowledge, guidance, and ultimately the confidence they seek before investing in any of our three technologically advanced, and distinctive collections,” says Pamela Stafford, Director of Hestan Culinary. “Additionally, our unique concierge-style feature eliminates all the hassles of going out to stores, such as battling crowds, trying to find parking, and other time-wasting inconveniences.”

To get started, consumers click the “Cookware Concierge” button on the brand’s website, which creates an automatic email message for scheduling a personal phone appointment at their convenience. During the appointed time, Hestan’s cookware specialist will contact the consumer by phone to review questions and help him or her determine what’s best for their cooking needs and lifestyle. Examples of topics and questions that may be covered during a call include the following:

• What are the advantages of Hestan Culinary cookware and what makes it different than other brands?

• Is a cookware set or open stock pieces the best value?

• How many and which cookware pieces do I need for my cooking style?

• What is induction cooking?

• What is clad cookware?

• Is it possible to mix and match my cookware and still have a stylish, cohesive assortment?

“Our team of cookware experts have in-depth knowledge on our collections, and also really understand the cookware category in general, which is why our concierge service truly goes beyond an internet-based chat,” says Stafford. “In essence, we’re bringing back to consumers the type of dedicated assistance that used to happen, but has virtually disappeared, at retail stores, and making shopping enjoyable once again.”

For more information on Hestan’s new “Cookware Concierge” service and the brand’s three cookware collections, consumers are welcomed to visit the brand’s newly launched web site, www.HestanCulinary.com. Consumers can also follow Hestan Culinary @HestanCulinary on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Founded by cookware icon Stanley Cheng and made up of innovative chefs, vintners and engineers who are reinventing the way we cook, Hestan is a forward-thinking culinary company that stands for culinary innovation born in the Napa Valley. From the molecular structure of cookware to the technique of cooking itself, Hestan – which has been awarded 51 patents to date – is forging new culinary ground with thoughtful design and ceaseless passion.  In addition to Hestan Culinary for cookware, the growing portfolio of Hestan sub-brands includes:

Hestan Vineyards - well-respected small-batch wines developed in Napa Valley; Hestan Smart Cooking - a guided cooking system that will forever change the cooking experience; and award-winning Hestan Commercial, Hestan Outdoor, and Hestan Residential. For more information, please visit http://www.Hestan.com.

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