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Glenda's Farmhouse Named a Finalist in the 2023 NEXTY Awards

Posted on 2/23/2023
Glenda's Farmhouse Named a Finalist in the 2023 NEXTY Awards

VINA, Calif., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Glenda's Farmhouse today announced one of its newest walnut-based consumer packaged products has been named a finalist in the 2023 NEXTY Awards. Introduced in 2022, Glenda's Farmhouse's Original Savory Walnut Crumbles is one of seven products named a finalist in the "Best New Plant-Forward Product" category for this year's NEXTY awards. The winners of this year's NEXTY Awards will be announced during the Natural Products Expo West event, which runs March 7-11 in Anaheim, California. The NEXTY Awards program runs concurrent each year with Natural Products Expo West, specifically to recognize exceptional new natural food products available to the public. This year, organizers received 850 submissions, which was recently narrowed down to 100 finalists across 19 categories. Submitted products are evaluated and judged by members of the New Hope Network team and top industry experts against three criteria: Innovation: Demonstrating creative thinking and execution through the use of a newly-discovered or rediscovered ingredient, flavor profile, or process. Integrity: Employing next-generation approaches to clean ingredients, sustainable and equitable sourcing, traceability, transparency, and safety. Inspiration: Supporting unusual or little-known issues not widely addressed in the consumer packaged goods industry. The Original Savory Walnut Crumbles packaged product is one of the newest offerings from Glenda's Farmhouse, which creates a wide range of walnut- and other nut-based natural food products. Glenda's also offers two other flavored versions of the walnut crumbles - Asian-Inspired and Mexican-Inspired. These packaged, ready-to-prepare products provide a flavorful and healthy plant-based meat alternative, and they can be used in virtually any recipe as a substitute for meat. "Being a finalist in the NEXTY Awards underscores the importance of great products such as our Walnut Crumbles and all of the healthy plant-based food options on the market today," noted Mike Andersen, vice president of sales/owner, Glenda's Farmhouse. "Our company is committed to providing exceptional, flavorful, healthy, and easy-to-prepare food options while ensuring a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. From our growing operations to harvesting and processing, our team is committed to delivering extraordinary food options that are responsibly sourced and produced. We are honored to be among so many great products on the finalist list this year." Glenda's Farmhouse will again have a highly visible presence at the Natural Products Expo West event, with a large display on the trade show floor. The team will be meeting with prospective customers while providing product samples and cooking demonstrations on the Expo floor. Glenda's Walnut Crumbles will be among the products featured in the company's booth #N2346. The crumbles can be prepared in minutes on the stovetop or microwave and simply require adding water prior to preparation. One package provides up to 8 servings at 160 calories per serving. Each flavor is low in fat, sodium, and carbohydrates and has 0 milligrams of cholesterol. The main ingredients for each flavor option include organic chopped walnuts and sunflower oil along with other natural ingredients such as dried mushrooms, chili pepper, pinto bean flakes, and other seasonings depending on the flavor variety. Glenda's Farmhouse is part of Andersen & Sons Shelling, which is a vertically integrated walnut operation from growing to harvesting and processing. This gives Glenda's Farmhouse control over 60-70% of the ingredient supply chain for the Walnut Crumbles product. With 900,000 square feet of current production space, Glenda's is adding additional facilities to accommodate growth. More About Glenda's Farmhouse Made By Families, For Families in Vina, California. Glenda was known as "Glenda the Good Witch", because her cooking was magic at bringing families together. Their mission is to provide delicious and nutritious food for the whole family to enjoy while maintaining traditional values from innovative resources and farmers. Glenda's employs more than 260 people, with significant additional staffing during harvest time. Glenda's Farmhouse products are currently found website-direct and on Amazon. Media Contact Joe Thornton, Aimclear, 1 612-355-9692, joet@aimclear.com

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