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Danica Announces Promotion of Braude and Benson to C-Suite

Posted on 2/14/2024
Danica Announces Promotion of Braude and Benson to C-Suite

Vancouver [January 11, 2024]—Danica, market leader in the houseware, giftware, and home furnishing design sector, proudly commemorates 60 years of business excellence. Established in 1964, the company has evolved into The Company You Keep by providing product, service, and employment with integrity. Today, Danica stands as a testament to the generational dedication of its original founders, Jeremy Braude and Rodney Benson. As a part of the 60th anniversary celebration, Danica is thrilled to announce a significant step forward in its leadership journey. Jeremy and Rodney's sons, Jonathan Braude and Gary Benson have been promoted to C-Suite Leadership positions.

Jonathan Braude has been promoted to Chief Product Officer (CPO). Having demonstrated exceptional leadership in previous roles within the company, Jon is poised to drive the continued success of Danica by overseeing the strategic development of the wide range of products. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity aligns seamlessly with the company’s legacy, and he will be spearheading our Product Development and Creative teams.

Simultaneously, Gary Benson has been elevated to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Gary is a seasoned leader within the company, with a wealth of organization experience and a proven track record. Gary is well-equipped to drive efficiency and excellence across all facets of the company, taking the lead on everything Sales, Marketing and Operations related. As Danica embraces change, Gary’s leadership will play a pivotal role.

Jon and Gary join Danica's dedicated CEO, Sushil Arora, in it's C-Suite Leadership team.

“The products and the company has become an identity, not just in the retailer community but also at a consumer level, and I think we've only begun that process. So I'm excited about the next chapter and really leveraging what we've built over two generations." - Sushil Arora, CEO

This milestone note only celebrates the rich history of Danica, but also marks the beginning of an exciting journey. The company looks forward to continued growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional experiences to its customers.

Danica is a market leader in houseware, giftware and home furnishing design. With five distinct brands under the Danica umbrella, we offer an engaging and dynamic range of products. Family-owned with a global reach, we’ve evolved from our roots as a source of class kitchen textiles in North America in the 1960s.

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