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Ambiente Highlights Clever Products for Kitchen and Household in Solutions 2022 Exhibit

Posted on 12/22/2021
Ambiente Highlights Clever Products for Kitchen and Household in Solutions 2022 Exhibit

Solutions 2022: Special presentation shows clever products for kitchen and household

Frankfurt am Main, December 2021. New demands in the kitchen and household require new solutions. But which products are truly innovative and appealingly designed at the same time? In the special presentation "Solutions", industrial designer Sebastian Bergne shows which kitchen and household helpers have convinced him this time.

Carl, Meat°it + and Nunziatella: clever dining products selected for the special Solutions presentation at Ambiente 2022 are hidden behind curious names like these. Once again, London-based industrial designer Sebastian Bergne acted as curator. His product selection is an up-to-date cross-section of a highly dynamic industry that is constantly reinventing itself. Bergne places particular emphasis on the aesthetic compatibility of function and design. This year, a total of 20 submissions from national and international Ambiente exhibitors meet this requirement. The entire selection will be on display in the foyer of Hall 4.0 from February 11 to 15, 2022. In addition, short videos are part of the special presentation. They illustrate how the kitchen and household helpers are used.

Electric thermo and travel mug from Efbe Elektrogeräte

Kettle and thermal mug in one - this innovation from Efbe Elektrogeräte has made it into the Solutions 2022 selection. The practical mug can heat water or other liquids to a desired temperature between 40 and 90 degrees. The mug maintains the set temperature range for 30 minutes and even after that, the double-walled stainless steel housing continues to keep the drink warm for a long time - perfect for the next outing. 

Deep Storage bowl from Emile Henry

The stylish "Deep Storage Bowl" from Emile Henry keeps food fresh for a long time. The highlight here: The upper level made of cork serves as a fruit bowl, the lower level made of ceramic as a storage option for potatoes, onions, etc. The natural properties of the cork help to keep the fruit fresh for longer while the ceramic part protects the food from light and keeps it at the correct temperature.

Stainless steel pan from La Rive Germany

The stainless steel pan with CeraVegan ceramic non-stick coating from La Rive Germany is also a novelty. This coating is free of chemical solvents because it is based on vegetable avocado oil and water, making the pan ideal for frying and cooking without fat. In addition, the stainless steel pan is robust, dishwasher safe and scratch resistant.

Salad spinner with glass bowl from OXO

OXO has launched a multifunctional, non-slip salad spinner: The spinning basket also serves as a sieve, so that the salad can be rinsed effortlessly. The elegant glass bowl made of borosilicate glass, in which the spinning basket is located, can be excellently used immediately for serving the salad.

Solutions 2022 - all products in the selection

Mozzarella storage and serving set "Nunziatella" (Alessi), cookware "Downdraft" (BergHOFF Worldwide), electric thermo and travel mug (Efbe Elektrogeräte), cookware "Limited Edition" (ELO-Stahlwaren), "Deep Storage Bowl" (Emile Henry), "Top Fill Waffle Maker" (Fritel), glassware with ceramic coating (Ishizuka Glass), microwave mug (Ladelle), adjustable baking frame (Lares Blechwarenfabrikation), stainless steel pan with CeraVegan ceramic non-stick coating (La Rive Germany), storage tray with silicone insert (Lékué), "Ice Former Arctic" (Lurch), meat thermometer and app "Meat°it +" (Mastrad), "OXO Good Grips Bottle Drying Rack" (OXO), "OXO Good Grips Glass Salad Spinner" (OXO), cookie cutter for cup cookie (RBV Birkmann), whisk with dough scraper (RBV Birkmann), cream squeegee (triangle), cord winder "Carl" (Widemex International), clothespins "Easypegs" (Widemex International).

The next Ambiente will take place from 11 to 15 February 2022.

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