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Gourmet Business November 2019

Gourmet Business November 2019

We are approaching the greatly anticipated holiday stretch.  The traffic is building, the airports are flooded with people, and families and friends will soon come together to spend time together.  What a reason for a party!  

Entertaining comes front and center this time of year, and creates a demand for products that can make a holiday season gathering even more special.  That includes, of course, products for serving a libation to your guests, family, and friends.  As I always say, it’s all about the presentation, and in this issue you will see some beautiful new products that will help your shoppers excel in that area.

In addition to special libations, holiday entertaining usually entails some sort of homemade treat from the kitchen.  Many will choose this time of year to test their baking skills, and create something special.  As I write this, my kitchen is bustling with activity, as my wife and her mother bake an apple pie to finish off their Thanksgiving dinner.  This doesn’t happen many other times during the year, but baking is likely to happen multiple times in the next month.  That is why in this issue we chose to recap some of the interesting new products coming to market that help consumers enjoy great baking success.  If you have the right tools, baking can be quite satisfying.  If you don’t, it can be a frustrating experience, and often creates the need to improve the quality of the tools around the kitchen.  This provides the retailer with a fantastic selling opportunity I believe.

Remember the holiday season is certainly bringing shoppers to your store to buy gifts for others, but often times they are shopping for themselves to satisfy a need relating to their holiday entertaining plans too.  Merchandising the anticipated needs for the season will allow the retailer to capture additional sales from the customers that are frequenting their stores.

Happy Holidays!

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