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Gourmet Business Winter Las Vegas Market Preview 2019

Gourmet Business Winter Las Vegas Market Preview 2019

Onward Ho!

As the holidays draw to a close and a new year is upon is, I reflect back on all of the challenges that manufacturers and retailers faced this past year, and I can’t help but think there must be a sense of excitement to turn the page.  Fears of an escalating trade war with many countries, continued political divide, and a volatile stock market still loom large, but the industries have managed to battle through, and deliver us a fresh batch of exciting new products!

Onward we go. Government shut down or not, we have to continue our important work to improve the lives, living spaces, and eating habits of our fellow Americans.  At the end of the day, no matter what happens, we all return to a place we call home.  Their will always be demand to improve our homes, feed ourselves and our families, and relax in a comforting space.  How we go about doing that may change from year to year, and person to person, but the basic proposition remains the same.  We are the curators of this process, and it’s important that we get it right.

I would like to encourage you to wipe your memory of past history, and let’s start all over again with a fresh pallet of colors, styles, textures, smells and tastes.  To that end, what a better place to start than previewing some of the great items we will see this month at the various trade gathering places like the Las Vegas Market Winter Show. As you will see, the vendors at LV Market have brought great style and elegance with some magnificent examples of craftsmanship and artisan creativity that will surely get you excited.

I wish you all a healthy and happy new year!

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