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Gourmet Business - January '22

Gourmet Business - January '22

Celebrating A Major Milestone in our Industry

Any new year brings a feeling of excitement as I look forward to another year of covering the industries that I have devoted my professional life to participating in over the past several decades.  But, this year is extra special and exciting because on this day I am celebrating a major milestone in our industry.  The future has arrived in a big way today for buyers and sellers in our industry, as Juniper Market by IMCis officially launched and open for business.  For those that know me, and are familiar with my experience in the industry, you should instantly recognize that this is a topic near and dear to my heart.  This new platform will significantly reduce friction in the transaction process between buyers and sellers in the market.  Retailers will have a one-stop shop for sourcing products from all of the major brands, AND they will have access to discounted shipping along with the option of receiving 60 days dating through Juniper Finance.  Sellers are going to enjoy having a platform available to them to help them manage many aspects of their business and have the ability to be paid within a few days for all orders placed, which is a major cash flow bonus.  All of the wonderful sales representative organizations that serve the market will also benefit from being integrated into the processes to make this a solution for all.

IMC has invested millions in creating a robust technology architecture that can easily handle the more than 600,000 already registered buyers and those still to come with a single destination for all of their sourcing needs between and during the in person physical market times.  I want to personally congratulate the rather large team of hundreds that turned this dream into a reality.  The testing of the platform over the last few months with a group of retail buyers was successful, which means that the switch will officially be flipped today.  Registration is simple and free for all qualified buyers, and sellers can list for free, so there is no reason not to go check it out today.

Welcome to the Future. Welcome to 2022!

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