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Gourmet Business January '21

Gourmet Business January '21

Housewares 2.0 – The Pandemic Reset

The world Pandemic has had a dramatic impact on everyone’s lives.  But, it has also forced a dramatic change in the way that we live.  These changes could be temporary, or they may have a long-term impact on society that we will not be able to observe until this crisis is behind us.  If you are involved in the Housewares Industry, it may be change for the better.

It is well documented with various statistics that one result of the Pandemic is that many Americans have rediscovered the joy of gathering with the family over a meal.  As an industry, we stand at the ready to make those experiences even better.  We have the ability to simplify the meal preparation process with well-designed gadgets and appliances.  We can help the meal turn out better by providing better quality tools for cooking and fresher ingredients to keep the family healthy.  We can simplify the cleaning process, and make a meal seem like less of a chore.  We can even help families to dine together more enjoyably with a beautifully decorated table laden with quality tabletop products.  And for those whom are seeking more comfort, what can be more satisfying than baking a delicious dessert that fills the home with the aromas of fruits or chocolate.

The real estate markets in suburbia are heating up, and part of the increase in demand is coming from the Millennial generation, whom have decided finally to transform their lives from the busy and crowded city, to the quiet and less crowded suburbs.  As these new households are established, many of the new homeowners will likely enjoy a larger kitchen, and choose to prepare meals at home more to replace meals they use to have at a restaurant or bar.

I was involved in the Housewares Industry during the years of tremendous growth brought on by Generation X households up scaling their kitchens, and buying new and larger homesteads.  It fueled this industry for a good long stretch and encouraged great innovation and product execution.  Now I think we are heading for another period of growth, that will be lead by our ability to inspire Millennials to get into the kitchen…experiment, practice, and prepare meals to their own liking.  I think that marketing to this group will be different than previous generations, but I believe that we have seen the reset button be actuated, and it’s time for Housewares 2.0 to commence.  I hope we are prepared to deliver.

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