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Gourmet Business - Gourmet Gift Guide '21

Gourmet Business - Gourmet Gift Guide '21

Bring It Home

As we enter this important final stretch of the year, it is time to put all of the business disruption behind us, and strive to BRING IT HOME, as we inspire shoppers to do just that with some terrific products for the kitchen and home.  We are selling the enjoyment of food and the celebration of life with family and friends.  The pandemic has caused many to stop and think about what is important to their lives and well being, and what can be more essential than that which we are promoting?

There is an important difference between this holiday season and the last, which by all accounts were quite good for the majority of retailers in the industries that we follow.  This holiday season the addition of so many American consumers being vaccinated will enable family and friends to gather safely, and more comfortably than before. There will be a sense of relief and celebration that the important things in life are possible once again. Indeed my family gathered last year with windows open and masks on when not eating, the first such gathering by our close family for obvious reasons.  It also forced a chance in tradition of eating our holiday meals at restaurants to accommodate the large family contingent, opting to enjoy our meal at home instead with the help of the purchase of some prepared foods to compliment the homemade foods.  I expect this year’s holiday will be a lot more normal and joyful than the last, and I can only assume we are not the only family in America feeling that way.

On the retail front, many experts are predicting strong demand for in person shopping excursions to brick and mortar retailers to find the perfect gift for friends or family. I encourage you to consider putting extra effort into creating a festive atmosphere in your stores that will add to the shopping experience, and make it a meaningful event for all.

Of course, having a great assortment of great gift items will be central to the experience as well, and to that end we welcome you to our annual Gourmet Gift Guide edition of Gourmet Business.  We hope to help you identify some additional products that will fit right into your assortment for this holiday season, and add to your over all presentation.

We wish everyone a successful holiday season, and of course extend our best wishes for a Happy Holidays to you and your store staff.

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