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Gourmet Business December '22

Gourmet Business December '22

Easy On-Line Ordering?  Yes Please!

We are anxiously anticipating a new year, and a new batch of exciting new items to consider more closely during the upcoming Atlanta Market Winter show in early January 2023. In this issue you will find a preview of some of the exceptional new items that will be on display from various suppliers exhibiting at the show.  You will also notice that we have now included a special symbol next to items that are available on JuniperMarket so you can click right through and order them right now (or re-order in the near future) should you choose. What is Juniper Market you may ask?  Allow me to opine.

<insert Juniper Market symbol>

When you think about it, technological innovation has caused us to really change our perceptions regarding fulfillment of our consumer needs. We now expect to be able to place an order on-line and receive it on our doorstep the same day or perhaps overnight.  I don’t think any retailer that intends to compete in the e-commerce game today could surely expect that I would wait more than a few days to satisfy my fancy.

Yet, our industry still maintains, and perhaps still enjoys, an archaic system of fulfilling orders to re-supply inventory to our retailer trading partners.  Well the same technology being employed to supply just in time orders for our consumer demands, can just as easily be applied to b2b ordering.  Thankfully, JuniperMarket is doing just that, and making the process of generating orders with industry suppliers simple and painless.  Hasn’t the time come for this to make some sense?

Well, if you are still on the proverbial fence about transacting business through a technology system purpose built for our industry, then I hope this extra functionality in our publication will convince you to take the next step, and go sign up for your free JuniperMarket account.

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