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Gourmet Business April '21

Gourmet Business April '21

Peeling Off The Shackles and Chains

It is an extraordinary time in the world.  A little more than a year ago we were blindsided by a force so strong, it seemed like it was going to be a very large uphill battle to overcome the adversity that was thrust upon us.  The burden placed upon us had an immense psychological impact, and placed many thriving businesses in jeopardy.

Spring has sprung in the Northeast and throughout the country, and the cycle of new growth, natural beauty, and longer days is uplifting the nation.  With each passing day, more people in our country and in the world are receiving vaccinations that will help ease the spread of COVID, and enable our bodies to fight off infection.  More restaurants are able to open, and start the process of recovery, while retailers of all sorts will be able to open their doors to customers once again.

It seems like Americans are ready to put this adversity in the rear view mirror, and fight to bring normalcy and joy back to their lives.  Even with the Suez Canal debacle slowing delivery of products to our shores, there is no denying that business is building a head of steam that will thrust us forward.  Have you ever worn ankle weights while out on a walk?  When you take them off you feel like you just want run because your legs feel so light!  I think that retail is going explode off the line as if the starting gun has signaled that it’s time to run again and be free.  It will be your job to focus this energy toward your retail operation and harness the power of recovery, and become the driving force in helping your customers enhance their lives once again.

Speaking of normalcy, I am looking forward to attending the Las Vegas Market Show later this month … it seems like it has been far too long.  I can finally take off the shackles and chains, and get back to doing what I love: Seeing old friends, experiencing great products, and learning first hand about the inspiration behind great design.  I hope to see you there too.

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