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Gourmet Business Ambiente Show Report '19

Gourmet Business Ambiente Show Report '19

Spring Tabletop Introductions Targeted To Younger Demographic

The shifting of demographic targeting has created a real challenge in our industry.  What seemed to work well previously was all of a sudden not so in demand from a product standpoint.  Industry suppliers had to assess their current product lines and decide how they were going to create a youthful offering for the millennial demographic.  Tabletop suppliers were very quick to realize that the millennial buyer was entertaining differently and that their unique living habits was going change the types of products that were to be in demand.  As a result, you are likely to encounter a different style of tabletop design being introduced to the market this year that reflects a more youthful approach.

What we are seeing today from the tabletop market are products that have a casual and more informal appearance, presented in open stock assortments that are priced for great value.  Product shapes that can be utilized in more than one way such as bowls or serving plates that can double as chargers have become the focal point of many of the new ranges. In addition to changes in appearance, the younger buyers are also dealing with challenges relating to storage in their smaller living spaces.  Many of the new designs are addressing these needs by incorporating a design that is easily stacked or nested when not in use.  Tabletop suppliers have also been utilizing advances in glazing techniques to give their product the appearance of handmade pottery, which is a look that appeals to the young buyers whom seem to be attracted to products that are artisan made and unique.  Organic shapes are also being incorporated into designs frequently to enhance their unique appeal and set them apart from standard offerings that were the norm previously.  Finally, we can expect to continue to see tableware manufacturers choosing designs and colors that work well together so that it can appeal to those that like to express their individuality by mixing and matching different products.

With so many great designs to choose from, upgrading your current assortment to also incorporate some of the more youthful designs should be easier than ever.  Using the tabletop category as a focal point will go a long way in transforming your store into a destination that appeals to the millennial audience.

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