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Carbon Neutral Foods Company Neutral Foods Merges with Grass-Fed Dairy Milk Brand Zeal Creamery
PORTLAND, Ore. , June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Neutral Foods, the first certified carbon neutral foods company in the U.S., backed by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, today announced its merger with Zeal Creamery, one of the fastest-growing grass-fed dairy milk brands in the marketplace. The newly combined company, with its unique proposition of offering both Zeal's grass-fed milk, butter, and cheese for retail and Neutral's certified carbon neutral milk and beef for foodservice, will continue to operate under the existing brand names. Neutral and Zeal provide the dairy milk that retail consumers want and that foodservice businesses need to lower Scope 3 emissions. Zeal's grass-fed, planet-friendly milk ...
Giancarlo Guidolin Appointed President Of The Prosecco DOC Consortium
NEW YORK, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Recent excitement about a new Board of Directors at the Prosecco DOC Consortium has come to fruition with the unanimous appointment of its President, three Vice Presidents and an extensive Presidential Committee to assist the President in his duties. Giancarlo Guidolin, President of Cantina Viticoltori Ponte and Council member of the Consortium since its inception, will lead the Prosecco DOC Denomination for the next three years. Supporting him are three Vice Presidents: Alessandro Botter, Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi and Mattia Mattiuzzo. "It's all about hard work!" remarked the new President, Guidolin. This commitment will build ...
Wonder Juice Recognized With “Juice Product of the Year” In 2024 Mindful Awards Program
LOS ANGELES - June 11, 2024 – The 2024 Mindful Awards Program, an independent recognition platform highlighting conscious companies and products that mindfully make waves in the ever-expanding world of consumer-packaged goods, today announced that Wonder Juiceä, encompassing the healthful and delicious, 100% cold-pressed juice brands Wonder Melonä, Wonder Lemonä, and Wonder Beetä, has been selected as “Juice Product of the Year.”    Wonder Juice™ is organic, promoting a healthier planet, and is Fair Trade certified, ensuring equitable treatment of farmers and workers. Packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottles, each juice blend offers a fusion of wellness and flavor. The introduction of Wonder Beet™, formerly ...
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